A lot of people say things like, «Why purchase a dog when I can take them from the shelter?»

Alexe, an entertainer, is widely regarded as one of the most talented actors working in modern Russian cinema.

But he is recognized not just for his extraordinary talent but also for his deep and abiding affection for animals, particularly dogs.

This expert does his utmost to help customers whose pets are dogs. Alexey is the caretaker for three human children and five canine companions.

None of his animals were purchased either. They were snatched up in the city or plucked from the greenhouse.

A performer removed his head from an insane institution.

If a dog is hit by a car and miraculously survives, it is usually because kind strangers rushed it to safety. After that, Alexei ingested it and became hopelessly in love with him.

Similarly, the Zina dog was found as a pup in the city. She’s the most amiable pet ever and has an extraordinary bond with the human members of the household.

Alexey always emphasizes that people don’t purchase dogs, but rather remove them from asylums, and he relocates his children with the same philosophy.

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