A little kid of eleven years old spends his Saturdays washing strays in the hopes that they would be adopted

There are several creatures out there looking for a home. The addition of a new furry family member will undoubtedly have an impact on your current pet.

The youngster launched a business with the slogan «I’m penniless but I’m blameless.»

Where he seeks for dogs on the streets of his city so that he may clean them and prepare them to locate a dwelling.

Aini, Thiago clearly has an incredible passion for animals and serves as a true advisor to many people. The child doesn’t understand that many animals were designed to provide for human needs.

According to Eduardo, Thiago’s father, the idea for the project was conceived towards the end of 2020.His aim was to clean and groom the dogs before releasing them back into the city.

This way, people will have a more positive outlook on them, and hence more opportunities will open up to them.

Honestly, this youngster is one with a good soul.

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