A leopard obtained from the zoo and kept as a pet by a Yekaterinburg resident

Yekaterinburg citizen Alex Stepanov, 31, rose to fame in an unexpected manner.

Alex now has a leopard living in his flat after he purchased the animal. He used to work at the nearby zoo.

Caser, the gorgeous and powerful leopard who had health concerns as a consequence of pining for a leopard who had been relocated to another zoo, was his favorite of all the animals.

As a result, the zoo was forced to shut its doors. After that, Alex took the choice to save Caser and flee.

The leopard was extraordinarily gregarious and extremely connected to his owner, never leaving him a single step and spent all of their time together. He established the most comfortable living circumstances for the leopard at home.

There are no doubt that the leopard has changed Alex’s life and that he is always thinking about what to do next.

For him, the animal is more important than its owner. Alex and Caser are able to get the flu at the same moment because of their shared experience.

This is a pet that is not recommended to anybody since it demands a lot of care and attention.

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