A heartwarming video shows a baby monkey tending to a litter of five ducklings

Images depicting animal affection, caring, or companionship have a greater impact on our emotions than those depicting lovely animals performing adorable things.

Check out these cute critters in action for only 8 minutes of your day, and they’ll bring a smile to even the most sour of cheeks.

This adorable video opens by showing the monkey swooning over the baby ducklings. The monkey and the ducklings are having a great time playing about in each other’s fur.

As if he were their new mother, the monkey’s brood follows him everywhere he goes. Looks like a happy family. Even a little separation from one other is too much for them to bear.

It’s time to eat now. Small monkey drinks milk from the bottle while the yellow birds devour their wonderful grains.

His furry companions are waiting for him at the foot of the tree as he ascends the tree. There’s no stopping these adorable herd of animals as they continue to explore their environment.

Again, the monkey seems to be a little peckish as he chows down on the plants and flowers in the area. They seem exhausted and woozy to me.

In order to sleep, they don’t have to worry about anything since their monkey mother is in charge and will protect them.

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