A heartwarming account of a litter of puppies’ efforts to keep a shivering infant warm during the night

A baby in India whose parents had abandoned her spent the night in the freezing cold, but was saved from the elements by a litter of puppies.

Astonished, the whelp mother probably sat down close to her infant, who was still hanging by her umbilical chord.

A representative from the area said that the boy was approached by a group while going about his routine activities.

They said things like, «At eleven in the morning, we observed a newborn little girl crying and resting with the dogs in our neighborhood.»

Another neighbor, who also wished to remain anonymous, said, «It’s possible that the glow of the children and own mother has kept this baby alive.»

They stated the girl had to stay out all night since the weather becomes colder after sunset, particularly at this time of year.

After then, the authorities arrived and brought the girl to a hospital for medical evaluation.

The parents of the infant are wanted by the police.

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