A heart-shaped pattern has been imprinted on the chest of a newborn cat

She is a celebrity from the Netherlands: Cat Zoe.And the envy of many aspiring actors and singers who never made it.

This kitten has already captured the hearts of hundreds of people as they are working hard to reach the top of glory.

And she didn’t have to do a thing tough to have this done.

She was born with all of the tools she’d need to become wildly successful.

Zoe’s distinctiveness was overlooked when she was a baby since no one else had yet been born. Until she saw her soon-to-be owner enter the home.

When Joanne Smienk noticed a little heart on her sister Zoe’s breast, she couldn’t resist adopting another cat, Izzy.

As a result, the two pets have decided to share a home. Zoe was a kind child who was also timid and quiet. As long as there’s something new to discover, this inquisitive feline has no fear.

The owner claims that her insatiable curiosity has already resulted in her falling into the tub four times.

The two cats are inseparable. Boxing and hiding in boxes are two of their favorite pastimes while they’re not working.

75 thousand people follow the fluffy ones on Instagram.

On Valentine’s Day, Zoya’s images get the most likes; it’s as if she was born to be a symbol of the holiday.

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