A guy thinks he finds a missing puppy at a petrol station but the tag betrayed him

He began to worry that his dog had vanished until he discovered it at the petrol station. His collar tag states that he is just interested in going on walks.

When the photo they posted of their dog went viral with 309,000 likes, they established a Facebook page in his honor.

When Sam drove into the gas station, he saw a dog already waiting for him. After reading the message on the dog’s medallion, the guy realized the pet was OK.The guy was at first worried that he’d lost his dog.

Hello, my name is Dew. Not at all; I haven’t gotten lost. I really like trying out brand new activities. The tweet made them both instant sensations on the web.

As I was putting petrol in the car, he walked up to me.

Put another way, the dog enjoys exploring new places. The dog’s owners made him a Facebook account so he could share stories about his travels.

Dog enjoys life in the country, where he can run about with his family and friends.

The dog is loved and cared after by the family, who even put a tracking device and some ingenious engraving on the dog’s collar.

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