A guy sets up a charitable organization and takes hundreds of kids fishing as a way of teaching them life skills. He becomes the father figure they needed

Andrew Black, a professional fisherman, doesn’t go fishing. This trip is to see how big of an impact he makes on the kids that come fishing with him.

«There’s such a feeling of freedom,» said one of the kids.

It’s an extraordinary experience to be here today. He began bringing the kids fishing over a decade ago. The first child he brought fishing was a neighbor’s child whose father was not around.

Andrew gushed at the sight of a fish for the first time in his small son’s existence.Andrew started a chat with the 8-year-old boy after seeing him go in and out of his house.

Because I was inquisitive about what was going on in Andrew’s life, I decided to question him one day.

He told me that he didn’t have a father and I felt I may be able to provide a hand to him.

The time spent fishing with Andrew’s father taught him valuable lessons about peace and patience.

To his surprise, taking the boy fishing with his mother helped launch a company that would introduce the sport to a large number of children in the future.

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