A gang of motorcyclists stopped to take in a stray dog that they found along the road

When the friends went out on a bike ride together in the quarantine in April of this year, they had no clue that their excursion would change the course of their lives for the remainder of their lives.

They made the decision to leave sooner than they had intended to since it was so hot, and as they were traveling, they stumbled upon an incredible find.

A young dog was seen standing by himself in the middle of the road, giving the impression that he had been abandoned.

As they came closer, they saw a brown dachshund that was withering and looked at them as if it were screaming for aid.

Consequently, Loren extracted the puppy from his hydration pack, snatched him up, and loaded him into the vehicle so that he could return him to his home.

The riders, however, felt driven to help the creature after seeing it in its unpleasant environment and decided to protect it.

When the horsemen finally came back after a few hours, they cleaned him off, gave him water, and prepared a delicious lunch for him.

After a strenuous trip on their bikes, they came to the conclusion that they should take in a stray dog.

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