A free diver came face to fin with a blue whale not far from shore

For those who have a deep appreciation for marine life, nothing compares to the experience of getting in the water with the amazing creatures that call the ocean home.

On the other hand, there are some who are more fortunate than others, and there are situations when even a second chance isn’t enough.

They’re a crew of freedivers who made the trip out to sea to satisfy a lifetime desire to swim with whales and learn more about them up up and personal.

Recently, their dream came true, and they even recorded the unforgettable experience on camera.Every one of the divers has extensive expertise and has gone to various parts of the globe in quest of blue whales.

But they quickly ran into trouble with the giant sharks that swarmed the area. One scuba diver put it like way: «Swimming with whales was one of our craziest and most impossible dreams.»

«And to our good fortune, we happened across a pod of whales.» We were able to make eye contact with the blue whale twice throughout our voyage.

‘For a few seconds of engagement, it was worth forty hours,’ claimed one of the divers.

«I was making plans to get back to the boat when she walked up to me and started talking.» It was hard to gaze directly into the eyes of such a gorgeous beast, so I moved in my seat.

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