A fireman rescues a cat after a fierce fire, and it now refuses to leave him

On Facebook, a fireman made hearts flutter by uploading photographs of himself with a kitty embracing his body. He shielded the feline near the blazing flames.

He illustrated in the images that the feline would not leave him as he was going about his chores in the woods, so he proceeded with the cat clinging on.

‘She simply relaxed on my neck and shoulders as I moved around,’ he posted on Facebook.

People were commenting on the photographs, begging the firefighter to bring her home, despite the fact that he had essential duties to perform.

‘My heart and prayers to God go out to the almost 2,000 families who lost their houses and every person who lost friends and family,’ he said of the fire on social media.

‘I’m expecting my group and individual firemen to be safe.’ I’m happy to be here helping, and I’m eager to get things started doing what we do!’.

By Monday, the creature darling’s post had been shared multiple times.

He is certainly a creature sweetie, as his account boasts of himself with canines and a goat.

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