A farm family rescues a puppy-like cow from the slaughterhouse

Delbur, a charming Jersey steer aged over two, was rescued by a band of ranchers in Michigan.

Since there was a severe shortage of meat during the Covid epidemic, the family first captured the creature for that purpose.

According to Shiane, it’s to be completely anticipated for cows of this kind to be slightly friendlier than others; nonetheless, I had never seen one with such a distinct personality as Delbur.

After some back-and-forth, Shiane concluded that her boyfriend had unloaded the cows, waited in the car, and then returned; he then asked her to exit the car and confirm that the trailer door was locked.

Her boyfriend assured her that he had spoken to the butcher, and that, upon seeing Delbur so young, he had informed the butcher that he would be bringing him back to the house to gain some weight before returning.

The cow enjoys helping out around the ranch, and treats the affection of his human family with the same eagerness as if he were a little puppy.

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