A dog joins a fashion event and grabs all the attention. You need to see this

Designers hold fashion shows to showcase their remarkable and one-of-a-kind work to the world. The public frequently pays attention to the models wearing these attire.

But in India, an unexpected guest who grabbed all the attention to himself came on the stage at a fashion designer’s display.

According to sources, the visitor opted to attend the fashion trip occurring in Mumbai and seize the limelight. Famous Indian actors performed as models at the show.

Everyone was anticipating the actors’ podium appearance.

When it was their turn, a stray dog suddenly appeared on the runway, and everyone forgot about the well-known models. Nobody made an attempt to get the stray dog from the podium.

This demonstrates that the models had no problem having the dog stand with them on the catwalk.

A film of the dog pacing the catwalk was shared by a journalist. One of the models even gave the dog a pat on the head since she had worked hard and earned it.

Even though the now model dog’s career was brief, we wish her well and hope that she finds a home soon.

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