A dog with a hole in its head was rescued by an animal shelter, given medical attention, and adopted by a loving family

To all intents and purposes, Mochi the dog is a supernatural stuffed animal.

That said, she wasn’t always this way. There were many awful things that occurred to the animal before it was rescued by good humans.

Michi was found wandering the streets of Bali by rescuers from Mission Paws’ible. A nasty head wound put the dog’s life in jeopardy.

She was so terrified that she crawled into the sewer and hid when they came to rescue the dog. Waiting for the rescue crew to come took three hours.

Michi had a head injury and parvovirus when she was eventually taken to the doctor.This poor puppy had to go through a lot to stay alive.

Because of all the puncture wounds and bug bites, the veterinarians had to shave the dog. When Michi’s hair finally returned, it revealed that she was a Maltese mix.

Michi overcame adversity and became better. Fortunately, she found a great new home with her foster mom Saffron and another dog called Garscon.

The dog takes part in fantastic photoshoots, goes to the beach, and even rides a motorbike.

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