A dog takes in and raises a kitten as her own offspring. Absolutely heartfelt

One of Lily’s six Dobermans in the US, and he’s taken a like to Lily’s new kitten. About a week ago, the woman found the cat at her husband’s office.

Since she couldn’t bear to leave him there, she decided to bring him home instead.Six newborn puppies needed care, and Rubby was there to provide it.

She had no trouble accepting the rescued kitten into her home, either.

Because of this, Lily came to have faith that Rubby would look after the cat in the end.

All of the kitten’s nutritional requirements in the first three to four weeks of life are met by Rubby’s milk.

Kitten’s diet now includes Rubby, and the results seem to be positive: an 80-gram increase in weight in only one week.

This maternal instinct is reinforced by the dog carrying the cat by the hair on its back, much as it would its own young.

Proof certain that canines of all kinds are social creatures.

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