A courageous veterinarian saves the lives of pets in Ukraine

A group of veterinarians from Poland is working in Ukraine to save the lives of animals. In order to preserve the animals in the country, he drives a car over a border patrol vehicle.

Some of them aren’t doing well; they are encountering animals we discover and return to our safe home to be treated for.

‘We have been connected with several salvage operations there, rescuing species that we have been informed about or who have been brought to covers.’

An Ukrainian guy called him last week, saying he was on his way to the front but he didn’t want to leave his dog behind.

It was agreed that we would meet just across the boundary and that he would give me his dog, but I insisted that we take care of him and that he could pick it up after all was through.

Until the matter is resolved, some pet owners have instructed their animals to stay on the lookout.

The necessity of treating animals humanely may be clearly shown in this case.

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