A couple takes in strays and helps them out

We like to believe it’s fate. Mark heard an unearthly cry in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He saw a cardboard box hidden between the foliage on the wayside.

Mark heard the cries of four strays near the box. Lisa claims that Mark never considered leaving them.

In Sarajevo, Mark came upon the pups. The couple quit their employment and put their house up for sale so they could take a trip. Canadian nomads were overjoyed when their host agreed to let them keep the pups.

Having four pups in a small area was challenging. Due to the restlessness of the pups, Lisa had to sleep in shifts. They had something to do.

Mark and Lisa were unable to bring their dogs with them and were unaware of international adoption options for them.

Lisa remarked, «My brain was spinning» as she described how she and her husband felt: «We felt horrible they were discarded, glad we discovered them, concerned about what to do next, delighted to spend time with them, sleep deprived, fearful and nervous we wouldn’t find a solution, but optimistic and motivated.»

They had to avoid more defeats after losing Kelso three years before.

Lisa: «How could we leave? We know how much joy a dog can bring into our lives.

The couple’s dogs were adopted by a neighbor and his two kids after they witnessed them being walked outside. «It’s all destiny,» said Lisa. Shelter for Animals Now took care of them.

The excellent care given to the dogs at the shelter helped ease Lisa’s mind. Lisa was relieved to know that the pups were in good hands. Only a few weeks later, all four pups had found new homes.

With their aid, these dogs will have a nice life.

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