A couple of marine turtles were caught on camera having a sentimental moment

Mother Nature has often offered dramatic scenarios to remind us that animals also have emotions, despite the fact that they are commonly referred to as «fauna.»

A heartwarming picture of two sea turtles cuddling has lately gone viral in the spirit of love.

This gorgeous picture was captured by a police officer, to everyone’s delight, rather than a nature photographer.

During an event earlier this month, officers from the Florida Police Department linked together with environmental groups to protect marine life.

After seeing two sea turtles emerge from the ocean, Officer Wilson decided to photograph them.

But when the two turtles cuddle, it brings comfort to everybody.

The police department announced on Facebook that racing would be halted if marine life was found in or around the circuit.

As the saying goes, «Not only do we have eyes in the sky to keep people safe, but we also have eyes in the sky to keep marine life safe!»

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