A client with a brain tumor had their look changed by a hairdresser. Check her out

The improvement of a child who had a brain tumor was described as «jaw-dropping.» After three cycles of chemotherapy, Pixiebelle Sykes’ once-black hair has become white.

In 20 minutes, 31-year-old Terri Leanne Daly fixed the ‘adorable’ little girl’s hair so she could attend her aunt’s wedding.

Guests at Pixiebelle’s wedding were shocked by her transformation. And yet, despite my apprehensions, I managed to keep my mouth shut during the whole ceremony.

Katie Sykes, 35, was clueless when it came to styling Pixiebelle’s pixie cut. As she saw the growth of the extensions, tears began to stream down her face.

Each day the hair grew longer and more gorgeous. The hair shop was filled with our sobs and those of my sister. I was taken aback by her remarks.

Once Katie saw Pixiebelle’s right eye was becoming blind, she took her to the vet. Pixiebelle’s tumor was a pilocytic astrocytoma.

To alleviate her potentially fatal ailment, she is participating in cutting-edge medical research into alternative treatments.

Grtr. Manchester decided to name her baby Rapunzel after Pixiebelle because of her long hair at birth. Rapunzel got her moniker since she was born with her hair long. Due to the treatment, it now has faint highlights.

This time, she was older and had more experience in life to draw from. Terri saw the flimsy foundation of her short, thinning hair.

When you visit our salon, you may get extensions. When I saw that there were numerous strands of hair, I collected them. To make her seem more bridal, I gave her hair a few bobbles.

Since Pixiebelle couldn’t see herself throughout the haircut, she was «stunned» by the end result.I tried to comfort her, but her sobbing mother and aunt interrupted me.

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