A clever solution is found to free a little cat that got caught in the sewage

The call about a baby caught in a pipe distracted Caroline from the animal she was trying to save. She ran hastily to the location.

«I heard her yowling as soon as I stepped out of the Jeep,» he said. Caroline said, «I was just staring and I saw this little cat at the end of the pipe.»

It’s estimated that she’s around seven weeks old now.

When the kitten started making more urgent meows and nightfall approached, she realized she had to act quickly to rescue it.

Caroline had to come up with an alternative plan since the sides of the sewage pipe were mushy and there were no metal stages to slide down to where the kitten was.

«When I got back to the Jeep, I saw a big bag of dog food,» she said. «I dumped the food into a box, drilled two holes in it, and attached two leashes of sufficient length.»

The kitten was first wary, but eventually gave in to her hunger and started slithering toward the bag in order to taste the food inside.

Caroline took the cat and brought it to an animal shelter. Unfortunately, the cat didn’t have to stay for very long before it found a permanent home.

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