A Chihuahua, age 13, is having his Bark Mitzvah

Ashley Sherman, who grew up in a Reform synagogue, wanted to duplicate Bradley’s canine Bar Mitzvah for her pet chihuahua as a tribute to Bradley’s Bar Mitzvah.

The dog was decked up in the appropriate attire for the ritual, including a kippah, a cloak, and two toys for addressing the Torah and a rabbi.

It seems that Ashlie, who lives with her dogs, encouraged canine lovers to follow suit and celebrate their pets’ transitions with a party whenever she published Bradley’s photos on her virtual entertainment account.

Due to their busy schedules, Ashley’s parents could not be in attendance for the occasion.

Ashley also has a 6-year-old chihuahua called Freddie, and she’s already planning on giving him his own Barko when he’s old enough.

After then, the woman said something:

On the one hand, Fredie will be turning 7 in June, and on the other, Barko will still be there for him as an adult.»

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