A cat that treats a kitten as if it were his own is never bored observing the small creature

This past April, I received a phone call telling me that a hero had discovered a litter of kittens.

It was unfortunate that the cat’s mother was unable to manage them all, and only a little cat was able to put up with him,Cleo, the cat, was infested with insects and had various contaminations of the eyes.

Her name was Cleo. Shelby exfoliated her gently and lovingly.

A warm housing, a soft toy as a constant companion, and a better quality of life for the feline soon followed.

During Cleo’s recovery, he was introduced to Polar, who had been desiring a traditional get-together.

He took the kitten under his wing and began wiping her nose and ears right away.

It’s no secret that Cleo is delighted whenever she’s around Polar. Her affection for him liquefies her, and she enjoys winding up and doesn’t seem to be very noticeable.

He loves to sit on his mother’s lap and participate in the arranging of his family.

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