A Brazilian lady adopted a small pig, and the images she took of him have become an internet sensation

A woman in Brazil ordered a piglet because she wanted a smaller pig. Rosalinda Martins bought and brought home a bantam pig.

According to the seller, the monster would measure up to 50 cm apart. It is necessary to get 200 pounds.

Lilika, the pig, grew up quickly. For the most part, Lilika seemed to be your typical farm pig, which is to say a member of the same social strata as those who live off the grid.

In general, we expected her to cease growing up, but Rosângela’s daughter reports that she has continued to grow. Lilika, on the other hand, is worshipped incessantly and relentlessly.

With its enormous size, the pig lives in the room of its owners. Breakfast, a stroll, a shower, and dinner are all part of the daily routine.

Lilika is a clever and cunning creature. In the end, she found out how to unlock the treat-filled cabinets and the cooler all on her own.

It has its own Instagram account. They upload pictures of the pig and his canine buddies on their Facebook page.»

Many different patterns are made for the creature by its owners: crowns, butterflies and pearls are only few examples.

Lilika’s neighbors also offer her apples from time to time. Whatever the situation may be, the most essential thing is that the tiny ones adore this magnificent being.

The owner even has her pig have a «nail cut» and has nail clean painted on his hooves.

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