A bear cub in need of food was rescued from a neighborhood by a stranger

An elk was seen by a farmer looking for food in his rural community. A bear cub, he realized as he neared. The furry guest was in need of food and drink.

Nikolay, a Belarusian farmer, found the stray animal and took him in.

He couldn’t survive in the wild because he was too feeble. Nikolay didn’t want to imprison him in a zoo, therefore he didn’t want to give him that option.

With the help of his hunting companions, Nikolay went out in search of the cub’s mother. The bear’s mother was not found after two days of searching.

Nikolay called the police to inform them of the situation and to request assistance. He was taken aback when he heard such pointless advice.

They gave the public two choices: euthanize the animal or free it. Nikolay was unable to put down the bear cub despite his knowledge that the youngster would not survive in the wild.

Thanks to Nikolay, the little bear has a safe and loving place to call home. He’s a wonderful dog, and a wonderful companion.

It wasn’t long until the local council issued Nikolay a valid residence certificate. Vasilisa.   Nikolay intends to build a spacious house for Vasilisa.

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