A baby and his pets have been found after they went missing

Mike was last seen in Florida, when he had an incredible meeting with a family. Fortunately, his dogs were there for him throughout the ordeal.

Wearing just a diaper, Mike fled from the scene. Because the baby is unable to communicate, his family is more concerned about how difficult it will be to reintegrate with the child.

Nala, the family’s two loyal dogs, was all that remained after they disappeared.

Neighbors quickly discovered the child’s whereabouts. They spread out and scoured the area for clues. In the meanwhile, the sheriff’s office put out a call on Facebook to see if anybody could help them find Mike.

Carol Shelton, a neighbor of the family, found the youngster later, approximately a mile away.

They were all grateful that Carol had the option of finding the child and that one of their skippers could transport the child back to his mother.

It was a joyous occasion for Mike’s family to see their son safely back home. They were also quite proud of his family’s four-legged members, who accompanied them wherever they went.

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