A 70-year-old veteran has planted 17,000 plants and bushes

A veteran of 70 years of age has planted 17,000 trees and shrubs. To what kinds of problems do tree-planters often run up against?

You may expect some difficulty. A person requires strong muscles to dig, add soil, and plant a seed. We require information on the sick and elderly.

He was in his nineties and in poor condition, yet he still managed to plant seventeen thousand trees. Ma Sanxiao is celebrating his 70th birthday this year. Sewn. Ma nurtured the growth of a forest.

Mom’s dream job has always been in the armed forces. He enlisted soon after graduating from university. His 5-year sentence was reduced to 2.5 due to the infection. Opinionated uncle.

Combining my roles as a farmer and a teacher. Ma’s legs no longer have the disease since she had surgery.

We came from a low-income household, as Ma did. He was treated with costly treatment. Ma’s leg was shielded from harm.

Sanxiao kept on trying. He was in charge of paying off the family’s bills. In other words, he engaged in arboriculture. The Chinese guy began using his scooter to work in the year 2000.

He has a pickaxe, a shovel, and some food. As Ma puts on her gardening gloves, she takes off her prosthesis. This is a challenging undertaking due of its difficulty and potential dangers.

Reports surfaced about Sanxiao’s apparently respectful demeanor. The money owed to Mas has been paid back. His tree-planting efforts persisted.

In gratitude, he keeps going. In his golden years, he planned to devote more time to enjoying nature. Preparations for mom’s departure are in the works. The trees, like his recollections, will go on in perpetuity.

Ma is a shining example of modesty.

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