A 32-year-old mother of 12 ate a bucket of potatoes and 14 liters of soup every day to stay alive

Katya Kirichenko, a local of the Sverdlovsk settlement of Verkhovino, attributes the most joy to the most insignificant individuals of her community.

The mother, who is just over 30 years old, stays home to raise her family. There are a total of twelve children living with Katya and Janis.

The eldest is the 14th of 14 children. Katya, who has been a mother since she was 18, has a kid almost every year. We’ll talk about why she wants a big family and what it’s like living with so many people.

The story of how the two Kirichenko spouses met is rife with ardor. When they were young, Janis and Katya encountered each other via mutual friends.

The guy had Katya’s number for some time before he finally decided to call her. Eventually, the bride and groom spoke over the phone and agreed to meet up.

However, the planned outing had to be postponed since Janis was wounded in a vehicle accident and needed time to recover from her leg injuries.

The guy was recovering at home, but Katya had to seek medical attention for herself. All of the girl’s friends were abroad celebrating the New Year when she became ill and needed medical assistance.

Janis went to see Katya in the hospital every day, despite the fact that she had a broken leg and the hospital had no elevators.

Aspiring parents wanted a girl child. When Katya’s daughter Eva made her debut, Katya was just 20 years old.

Katya was an easygoing young lady who enjoyed casual conversations about the weather. Therefore, she and her husband decided to expand their family by having a third kid.

Kirichenko’s brood includes twelve children: Maxim, 14, Eva, 12, Alice, 11, Milana, 10, Kolya, 9, Veronique, 7, Yana, 6, Lera, 4, Lera’s twin sister Leva, 3, Tolya, 2, and 1-year-old Vic.

Both Katya and Yanis Kirichenko, it seems, have no intention of sleeping there. After completing their education at the foster parents’ organization, they want to care for numerous orphans.

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