A 24-year-old lady who looks like a model is the world’s most gorgeous bus driver

She’s 24, lives in the UK, and gives her all to her job. Right now, we’d like to introduce you to the top driver in the business.

Why did she settle on that particular career path? learn more about it here! For as long as she can remember, Lina Tian has worked as a bus driver.

According to the little girl, this has always been her routine. It all changed when she spotted a job posting for a driver instead of a nurse.

Lina realized that this was her opportunity. The young woman learned to drive quite fast and is now responsible for operating both buses and limousines.

Lina’s sole complaint about her job is the constant scrutiny she receives for her beauty.

The information she has at her disposal would seem to make her an ideal candidate for a modeling career, but she is constantly asked why she did not choose that path.

Lina, however, insists that this is the only field in which she is remotely interested.

There are other problems, and passengers’ comments aren’t always nice and entertaining, but the Englishwoman doesn’t even contemplate leaving her profession since she sees it as a calling.

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