A 14-year-old emaciated cat that was rescued is relieved to have a full meal

There have been multiple reports of small kittens being rescued, but adult cats also need assistance.

This honor goes to Raggedy Ann, who survived the hoarding. And, although seeming weak and fearful at the time, he has changed tremendously for the better!

This poor animal was kept with multiple dogs and cats before being found by the Society for the Protection of Animals. The animals were all in poor condition and emaciated.

Personnel from the organization got directly to work. They feared the cat could no longer be saved and shared photographs of him on the Internet in the aim of helping others.

He was subsequently sent to Save One Life to be cared for and readied for adoption. Only the cat’s bones were too thin, and he lacked teeth.

Everyone tried to help him get well. Ann fought for her life at any costs. His persistence and fortitude shocked his adoptive mother.

Everything possible was done to make him happy.

The cat was brave, fighting for his life at any cost! If you like it, please tell your friends and family about it!

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