12-year-old Reusing two million bottles, Ryan Hickman has contributed to ocean cleanliness

Ryan Hickman, aged 12. He has established himself as a prosperous businessman. The child’s income came from collecting recyclables and selling them.

Indeed. As a company, recycling is one of Ryan’s specialties. Recycle It With Ryan.

A business was founded by the 3-year-old. Together with his dad, he brought the family’s rubbish to be recycled. Ryan found this activity to be so fascinating that he began collecting and cataloging bottles.

Paycheck one for the young man. Upon returning home, he told his parents that he planned to collect garbage from their neighbors, sort it, and sell the recyclables for profit.

The adults weren’ attitudes were unaffected. There was family support for their son’s effort. Why? Because it’s critical that we maintain natural resources and foster a sustainable culture. After all, who else but us?

When it came to his finances, Hickman Jr. came in second. Ryan said that throwing trash into the ocean is a certain way to harm any marine life there.

In spite of doing the same thing for six years, Ryan never grew tired of it. To him, it all makes sense. Earning $10,000, he amassed two million bottles.

The child plans to use this money to help pay for college. He is hoping to get a car in order to collect more recyclables and garbage for proper disposal and recycling.

The life of a beggar suits him just fine.Ryan was unable to pass up an empty candy box, soda bottle, or beer crate. He hopes to serve as an example for others.

The actions of Ryan Hickman, a young guy from the city, shown that even a child as young as three may make a difference for the planet.

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