When the Golden Retriever learns that the spoilt kitten has taken over his cozy bed, he begins a desperate battle to reclaim his own

For present, we don’t know why dogs and cats wage war on each other. Why are they still unable to work together?  So, picture how a dog would respond if the pampered cat stole his cozy bed.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Bailey the dog. When he discovers the little cat has taken his cozy bed, he panics. In haste to his cozy bed, he undoubtedly imagined how nice it would be to lie there for a while.

When he saw that his bed was already taken, his innocent hopes were dashed. It wasn’t long before he realized that the small intruder had no intention of moving.

While still struggling, the Golden Retriever began to pace and bark furiously. The itty-bitty kitten seemed unmoved.

Although Bailey tried biting the edge of his bed to pull it, nothing appeared to bother the small cat who was sitting calmly on the plush dog bed, fearless.

The sweet puppy seems to give up after a while of futile effort.It didn’t bother him in the slightest that his pampered and rebellious kitty was staring at him.

Once again sharing her bed with her sweet lover, the kitty shifted her position.

The «battle» came to an end peacefully when the plush dog bed was divided between the two cute companions.

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