When it comes to being a big brother, Avocado the dog does a fantastic job. The best kind of relationship

When the Parks family had their first child, they were apprehensive about how their golden retriever, Avocado, would respond.

The animal, on the other hand, began to lavish more attention on the youngster. Initially, Avocado mistook baby Sam for a new toy to play with, according to the young mother Maria.

The dog, on the other hand, soon became an integral part of the child’s daily life. For example, he may lie down next to him, cuddle him, and provide comfort.

The first several nights, Avocado sat on our bed and watched over Sam. He kept a tight eye on the infant while he slept, following his every motion.

When Avocado woke up a few days later to find out that his new «toy» remained inert, Maria says that he was furious.

She was overjoyed that her kid had formed such a strong connection with a pet.

My heart thrills when I see them and understand that Avocado is taking on the role of an older sibling who watches out for his younger sister.  Maria went on to say.

Friendships of this kind are popular on social media. This photograph of the boy with his golden dog is much discussed.

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