Watermelon farm’s cat has gained a following thanks to the internet. For this, let’s take a closer look

There is a farm in Thailand where watermelons are grown and harvested for consumption.

The gatekeeper of the watermelon ranch has become a household figure in recent years, not because of the quality of its produce, but because of the publicity he received when his pictures were posted online.

Introducing Pearl, the adorable feline protagonist of our piece. It’s true that the name is fantastic, but the feline’s face cannot be described in the same way.

Although the feline is well-known for its many perches, it’s also noted for its extensive collection of stools, both inside and out.

Its owners make fun of him by stating that he chooses his tone according on his mood.

Red, for example, is the point at which it’s best to give up the cat for no good reason.

Also, the green chair Pearl uses to «unwind» completely, although this is only possible at night, when he has free time. For the sake of watermelons,

To be honest, the cat’s primary means of self-control is really care. Since there are so many varieties of watermelons and workers, he pays close attention to both.

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