Watch the daily routine of a 32-year-old guy who is trapped in the body of a toddler

A guy by the name of Jaley Lindo exists in India, but his adult mind is imprisoned in the body of a kid. His progress as a toddler halted abruptly. Although he is 32 years old, 32-year-old Lindo seems much younger.

Poor Indian farmers were Jaley’s familial background.

The boy’s parents had high hopes that he would one day be able to assist them in taking care of their large family. But at the age of 2, Jaley had a severe setback: he stopped growing.

Even as the years passed, Lindo’s appearance remained unchanged. There was nothing the boy’s parents could do to assist their kid.

They went to the physicians, but the doctors only «shrugged their shoulders.» Jaley’s doctors discovered that he was not growing physically or cognitively. The boy’s IQ was comparable to that of a 2-year-old, even at the age of 15.

Failure of Jaley’s pituitary gland to produce growth hormones was the root cause of his abnormality.Although she is 32 years old, Jaley’s figure is that of a young kid.

He stands at a short 84 cm and weighs about 10 kg. His parents look after him. He is treated like a child, fed by spoon, washed in a kid-sized tub, and clothed in infant garb.

Both parents like their odd kid, but they’re concerned about what life will be like for him in the long run. What parent, after all, would volunteer to care for their child after they’ve passed on?

It’s quite unlikely that Jaley will make a full recovery. All the doctors who worked on Jaley agreed: he will always be the «oldest kid in the world.»

His parents are patient, however, since they know their son will mature eventually.

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