Two-legged sibling syndrome is an uncommon occurrence amongst siblings

It is rare for frogs and newts to be born with a deformity. There are no hind limbs. Both guys were walking by the time they were six weeks old, which is about the average age for kittens.

Their tails assist them keep their balance when standing on their front legs. Frog and Newt’s owner discovered them after posting pictures of them on social media.

After seeing the photos, the Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary volunteers knew they had to get involved.

Frog and Newt were on the streets only ten days before. According to their findings, no one knows how two-legged cats first appeared in the United Kingdom.

It seems to be out of the ordinary. Inbreeding may be to blame for their abnormalities, as their parents were near relatives.

Many felines born to unsterilized mothers and felines of the same litter have congenital abnormalities. Stephanie Taylor, the founder of the shelter, claims that the kittens’ mobility is impacted.

When they sprint, leap, or stroll over furniture, they do it gracefully.

Behavior and health data are being collected on kittens. If they can’t find their owners, they might be stuck there for the rest of time.As adults, they’ll need specialized strollers to keep their balance due to their bigger physique.

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