Tola is the most adorable puppy you’ll ever meet

There’s no mystery as to why this adorable puppy has gone viral. Because he is widely believed to be the tiniest dog in the world, his images have gone viral.

Incredibly rare, the birth of a dog like Tola is a true miracle of nature.

The incredible cuteness of this little creature is something no animal-lover can ignore.

The frames explain why it’s so compact and shaped like an apple. In this case, the dog’s owner is a woman named Monica.

She claims that her friends have started dropping by more often since she got the puppy, and that she has the dog, rather than herself, to thank for their interest.

What do you think, is he cute or what? He is little over two months old and six centimeters in height.

In spite of its small size, it grows and matures properly. For someone of Tola’s size, it seems natural that he doesn’t partake in regular eating or drinking.

Everyone in the home is very cautious because of the strong likelihood that they will not see him.I share the general consensus that this infant is really cute.

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