Those photographs from the past may be of a young Irina Shayk

The model has thought back to her own youth as rumors of a possible reconciliation between her and Bradley Cooper, or the announcement of a star-studded baby-poom, have spread like wildfire online.

Shayk, Irina and Tatyana, and a plush animal appear often in black and white in Irina’s Instagram posts.

To convey her feelings in the pictures, the model simply signed her name and the words «Childhood without cameras…Family.»

Many of Irina’s admirers have remarked on how much she looks like her mom. Someone said, «Your mother is incredibly wonderful, and you look exactly like her.»

An further voice chimed in, «I admire your mother more than you.» At least three people have commented on how happy all three of you looked at the same moment.

There was never any ill will between us. It’s out: the supermodel’s secret to flawless skin.

You should know that Irina Shaik has Russian ancestry since she was born in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

The girl started working for a modeling agency right after she finished high school, and she continued her studies at the same time.

She entered and won a local modeling contest and was named best model that year (2004). A famous scout was there, and after viewing her, he made her an offer to become a model.

Since 2005, Rina Shalk has been a professional model, first in Europe and now in the United States.

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