This stunning shot of jellyfish swimming under a kayak was captured by a photographer

A vast school of jellyfish moving under a kayak may be seen in images captured by an underwater photographer. Photojournalist Lewis Jeffreys is the man behind the lens who captured this stunning photograph.

Smiling and paddling around the jellyfish, Sammy keeps an eye out for Lewis.

Lewis, a 33-year-old photographer, believes that jellyfish are excellent subjects for photography because of their sluggish movement.

Making a discovery gives you the opportunity to study it from a number of viewpoints and angles.

An image like this one with a friend who kayaks and some undersea marine life has been swirling about in my thoughts for a long time.

I had everything I needed, including a stunning sunset, to create my own piece of art.

When Samuel appeared at the right time, he should be commended.

Lewis granted the underwater photography competition winner the title «Peaceful Coexistence» in 2022.

This image is meant to stimulate your curiosity in the incredible variety of life that can be found in the oceans surrounding our planet.

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