This is the story of the tallest girl in the world and the challenges she faces since she is too tall to walk

Naturally, height is an asset. However, this may also be a significant issue. And that turned out to be a big issue!

Turkey’s 18-year-old Rumeisa Gelgi was officially recognized as the world’s tallest lady in 2015. She is a towering 213 centimeters in height.

Formerly of Mongolia, the record holder and her family have relocated to Safranbolu. Among her two average-sized brothers and sisters, the girl is the middle child.

It is believed that Rumeisa have a genetic predisposition to be abnormally tall. Gelgi’s bodily parts are also excessively huge.

Therefore, being the tallest woman is a difficult position to be in. Her mobility is much impaired.

Currently, Rumeisa barely ever ventures out on her own. We often have to lift her into her wheelchair. She uses a walker to help her get about if she must go out on foot.

The Turkish lady has a hard time finding appropriate clothing and footwear. To gain only one size in footwear is worthwhile. This young lady wears a size 12.

This is why custom orders are becoming common in the fashion and shoe industries. Gelgi has many challenges, yet she does her best to remain optimistic and look for silver linings.

She quips that there aren’t many people who can look down on her because of her sexual orientation. Also, the tallest shelf in her home is within easy reach.

It’s worth noting that Turkey is home to the world’s tallest man. As for Sultan Kosen’s height, it’s a healthy 251 cm.

It’s good news for Rumeisa because she will never, ever catch up to him. That she wouldn’t get taller was something her doctors had assured her about.

It is documented that Anna Haining Swan achieved the greatest female height ever. She was an astounding 141 inches tall.

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