They believed they were helping an adorable little kitty, but after three months, he changed color on them

Katherine and her buddy rescued a little cat they found on the street one night. They believed so, at least, until three months had passed and the odd creature’s hue changed and his eyes became harder.

Katherine discovered the cat wandering the streets of Hamilton, a small town in New Zealand. She originally thought him was a rat since he looked like a little ball of gray fur and he wasn’t moving or blinking.

She was responsible for the infant’s care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Bruce, the kitten, eventually gained strength, stood on his hind legs, and explored his new home with interest.

However, there were certain peculiarities in his actions, such as a voice that was excessively deep for such a little cat. Bruce, too, got up before dawn to start hunting mice in the kitchen.

Roughly the third month had passed. When I opened the door to the kitchen, I saw a black cat sitting in the middle of the floor. Bruce’s hair color has morphed! Kathryn informed the press.

The doctor believes that the kitten’s coat was altered because either the mother cat was under a great deal of stress or she was given medicine.

The lack of socializing, the physician said, was the cause of other peculiar behaviors. Small and clueless, the kitten had trouble interacting with humans.

As a result, Katherine has created a blog just for the feline. Millions of people have signed up for it, and they’re all curious about when the cat will next change colors.

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