The young lady let the cat inside her house. Since then, he has made it his daily routine to watch movies with her

It’s takeoff time, and a young woman called Ruth Hewlett is getting ready to leave the house when a strange red cat comes running.

Although Ruth had no idea how he got in, the cat was certain he was invited to stay.

This led to the young woman showing him a video of a conversation that she had recorded on her computer. Better yet, it was effective. Rapidly the recordings began to serve as a springboard for the conversation.

Ruth learns new things on the regular about the red visitor, such as her penchant for feline recordings, thanks to the helpful information-sharing abilities of her companions.

«It is quite difficult. He’s not really fond of records, but he has a soft spot for mice. Bird songs are his most popular recordings. Ruth: «He thinks I’m going to turn off the camera, so he starts slapping me with his delicate legs.

«Its owners probably believe he walks about and acts as any other cat would. Ruth said, «When everything else is equal, he hangs around with me and watches Netflix the cat.»

The Dodo’s protagonist, Followed, had such a nice time on his trip that he decided to come back the next day to see more movies about cats.

At now, the cat often shows up in the early afternoon and watches videos with his new human friend.

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