The woman bought a decommissioned plane, had it modified into a home, and then moved into the woods

Catherine didn’t let the fact that she had no place to live stop her from being resourceful; she bought a vintage plane and went on a cross-country adventure.

In the Boeing, now a five-star hotel in the midst of the rainforest, she settled into one of the plush chairs. Catherine gave the choice to buy an airplane a lot of thinking.

After failing to locate a suitable studio apartment inside the city boundaries, the woman began looking farther afield for a lower-priced option.

In spite of the fact that he was just an air traffic controller, the man’s brother-in-law came to his rescue in a time of need.

He advised the American that, rather than renting an apartment, he would want to consider buying a retired Boeing 737.

Catherine paid a low price for the damaged airplane (little over $2,000, or around 150,000 rubles).

The airline assured me that rerouting the plane to the location I had chosen would not be difficult.

Preparing the luxury liner for its makeover was a lengthy process.

Both the toilet and the trunk have been renovated into luxurious changing rooms, replete with a Jacuzzi, an oven, and a fully-stocked kitchen.

The aircraft has dropped to a level just over the water.

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