The stray old cat was ‘antisocial’ until he started playing with a tiny kitten

Jana rescued an elderly cat that was content to spend the day snoozing alone. Only this kitty changed his mind.When Jana discovered Philip, he was wandering aimlessly outside of a long-abandoned apartment complex.

Jana lucked out since Philip was pleasant to talk to. He was only taken to their rescue outpost.

Since he received prompt care, Philip made a complete recovery. As a result, they learned Philip was much older than he had first let on.

They realised Philip had a deep need for solitude and showed little enthusiasm for playing with the other rescued felines.

Even Jana could tell that Philip preferred his own company.

But then a kitten joined the family, and Philip’s tranquil life was thrown into chaos. Then the most unbelievable thing happened. Philip piqued Ruby’s interest.

Even though Philip was first hesitant, Ruby persevered. Eventually, Philip fell in and started playing with Ruby, apparently dictating the kitty’s every move.

This demonstrates the importance of friendship and the pain of being alone.

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