The reason this guy has not kissed his left hand in 38 years is fascinating

Amar Bhaarti was a regular guy who, like most Indians, had a secular family life for over 40 years. His message of devotion to Lord Shiva came as a surprise to his family one day.

He adopted a novel style of austerity, becoming a public embodiment of piety in service to Shiva.

Almost 38 years of his life were spent with his right hand up. He hasn’t dismantled it in 38 years, which is fantastic!

Amar Bhaarti is an Indian hermit who worships the deity Shiva in a unique way that sets him apart from the traditional Sadhus.

The misshapen knuckles of his right hand held no terror for him. The latter are suddenly in poor health, but this makes little difference to him.

He doesn’t even wash or file the nails on this hand.The hand’s unique abilities are dwindling day by day.

The average person has no clue what this kind of sacrifice represents. Unfortunately, for a recluse like him, this is the sum whole of his existence, and nobody can blame him for that.

He gave so much that it earned him a place in Guinness’s Book of World Records. Since he owns it and no one can take it away from him, he is overjoyed.

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