The people worship him as a god despite the fact that he has stopped growing when he was 21 years old

In spite of the fact that he seems no older than six months old, this is not the reality. Though he is now 21 years old, he stopped developing normally after a space of six months.

The guy has shrunk to a mere 60 cm in height and 7 kg in weight (kg).

A person’s physical development is also unlikely to appear like this at this stage in adulthood.

The locals where he is now residing, however, see him as a divine being. For this reason, people regularly worship him by genuflecting before him and begging for his favor.

This is because the boy’s parents are struggling financially.The child’s parents are praying their story will be told in newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

They hope that by doing so, people’s attention would be drawn to issues faced by people all across the globe.

Thankfully, none of his other relatives have his disease. Even if such events have occurred before, they are very rare. It seems like around every corner there’s something new and interesting to discover in our world.

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