The netizens’ favorite golden retriever has an unique mutation that leaves him with a striking black spot on his face

Enzo, a golden retriever, has become something of a YouTube sensation. When the puppy was born, it had a rare genetic abnormality that caused its color to shift.

The crowd was enthralled by his performance. Breed guidelines allow golden retrievers to come in any shade of golden or cream, regardless of the color.

Enzo, on the other hand, has a massive black mark on his face that lends the canine a unique personality. Cute animals have long been a favorite pastime of Internet users.

Because of this, pets like dogs, cats, and even parrots rapidly become internet sensations. Even Enzo, a retriever with a distinctive look, was not an exception.

His Instagram feed now has over 190,000 followers.Texans are Enzo’s new home. Clarissa Castro, the dog’s 15-year-old owner, says she instantly fell in love with the puppy.

However, he emphasized that the retriever’s fur color is solely influenced by the mysterious mutation — he is otherwise healthy.

Clarissa recounts her family’s amazement when they saw Enzo for the first time and realized he was unique among retrievers.

Clarissa’s parents adored the pet despite its unique markings; his friendliness and liveliness won them over immediately.

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