The hippopotamus began to howl for help as an incoming swarm of fowl tried to land on its neck

Hippos are afraid of birds of prey that land over their heads while they are young. This elephant snapshot was taken by photographer Marcel Mol in Tanzania’s South Luangwa National Park.

This happened as a Swiss cameraman was photographing animals in their herd. The youngster was «running in panic with his pursuers on his back» as Mol looked out at the swarm of hippos

For their high-pitched calls and attempts to flee from predators, Hippopotamus fall into the second group.

At first, I was baffled as to what the hippopotamus was up to. A swarm of woodpeckers, according to the photographer, was to blame.

It was stunning to see such a sight. Woodpeckers carry ticks and fleas, and the hippopotamus eats them as a food source.

The park’s hippopotamus is fed and cared for for free.

In contrast, the baby hippopotamus in this photograph seems to have no idea what it may gain by forming a connection with a human being.

Ms. Maul burst out laughing when she realized how much she had absorbed.The look on this youngster’s face is unmistakable.

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