The driver said, «You’ll be astonished when you see the interior.» as he flung open the minibuses door

A typical-looking minibus’s driver opened the door, and the onlookers were told to prepare their cameras.

In place of the usual furnishings, there was in reality a real home complete with a bed.

In the absence of a video recording, eyewitness testimonies would not have been believed.

This footage, which included a minibus tour of the property, was subsequently disseminated by the odd vehicle’s owner.

One of the services he does is converting vans into recreational vehicles. His newest piece really is a monumental achievement.

A chic living room with wood flooring awaits the guest just beyond the sliding door.

Guests may enjoy the privacy of their own kitchen, little breakfast bar, and bedroom. The rear of the RV has a bedroom with a double bed.

Outside the wide open back doors are hammocks, perfect for a lazy day. Check out the interior of this awesome camper van.

Twelve square meters were used for the complete arrangement. The little minibus has matured into a functional mobile home.

That’s a very great concept. Home is where the heart is, yet you may still go.

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