Thanks to his new family, the rabbit realized that love has no bounds

A  close relationship between animals of different species.

The old adage that «a dog and a rabbit can be best friends if two different animals can» apparently derives from this idea.

Her time with her adopted family taught her that there are no boundaries to love.

A young woman took in a rabbit the year before, but she learned immediately that she had to be very careful while introducing it to her other pets.

Animals’ reactions to the newcomer in such a setting might vary.

This critter was causing the young woman some anxiety. When we finally got them to talk to one other, they started playing together and ultimately slept out on the sofa.

They’ve become inseparable partners. The girl drops down onto the sofa next mom, kisses her on the head, and then hops up to go after the rabbit.

Like dogs, rabbits may form strong attachments to their human and canine friends.

What a really moving description of a beautiful friendship! It’s unusual for creatures of different species to form such strong friendships.

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