The most incredible piece of public art: a 94-year-old man painted his hamlet to prevent its destruction
Preventing the damage of your house and neighborhood. The government planned to knock down the historic homes, but the elderly guy had other ideas. To bring attention to
A cute Golden Retriever took up four discarded rabbits and raised them as his own
In the past, humans have seen several instances of animals befriending members of different species. Bailey, the amazing golden retriever, became friends with rabbits. Rabbits have a dog
Large turtle and little calf bond instantly
After the closure of a Bangkok zoo, the scutellated turtle Leonardo was able to move into a nice, new residence. The Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand welcomed Leonardo
Resilient as a queen bee A 45-year-old lady stuns the public by walking about naked, covered only by 12,000 bees
In other words, be ready to have your mind blown. Sarah Mapelli Tink, 45 years old, «blew up» the Internet with her photographs. Some users have dubbed her
In terms of eyelash length, she set a new world record
It’s official: Shanghai’s Yu Jianxia holds two separate world records. She has the longest, most beautiful eyelashes anybody has ever seen. Since 2016, she has held a record
A young couple reunites a 20-year-old homeless guy with his family
Randy Emmans-Baylin and John Suazo, a young Los Angeles couple, volunteered. They help the needy since 2014. They earn money to provide homeless people tiny humanitarian gifts. Randy,
The people worship him as a god despite the fact that he has stopped growing when he was 21 years old
In spite of the fact that he seems no older than six months old, this is not the reality. Though he is now 21 years old, he stopped
A gorgeous young lady was born to a family in Mexico who had previously adopted an albino child
Many people are familiar with the common misconceptions about Mexicans. These people have dark skin, dark eyes, and black hair. As an added stipulation, these characteristics of their
Find the Victorian couple who have traveled back in time to the 1800s
In the Victorian era, a number of Americans «emigrated» to England. They could not take any of the 21st-century technological advances with them since all they had with
Nine years after the popular picture of a newborn boy with white hair, here he is
In 2012, something extraordinary happened. Patricia Williams’ third son, Redd, was born with unusually white hair. The doctors at first thought the child was just blond, but as
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